Who We Are

Quality Assurance

Wooden Pallet quality is our mantra at PALLETS2GO. Products from Pallets2go meets all industry standards. We are a member of the Canadaian Wood Pallet & Container Association since 2010.

Our Customers & Vendors

We are located in Mississauga and most of our Customers and Vendors are mostly within Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton and the surrounding GTA. We can spot a tractor trailer at your facility to pickup your discarded pallets for recycling. We sell new and reconditioned pallets.

We buy all repairable pallets, which are in various standard sizes. Such as:

1 | 48"x 40" (4-Way and 2-Way)

2 | 48"x 48" Hardwood & Softwood

3 | 48" x 42" Pallets

4 | 48" x 45" Pallets

5 | 44" x 44" | 42" x 42" | 40" x 40" Pallets

6 | All Recycled and CUSTOM Pallets

Pallet Sales

Our commitment has been to completely satisfy our customers and to offer them a good quality product at a very competitive price. Call us today for a quick quote.