Pallets Types

48" x 40" 4-Way Pallet


The 4-way pallets allow entry from both sides in addition to both front and rear, via notchedstringers. This pallet is more versatile than 2-way pallets of the same configuration. Pallet jacks cannot normally access the side entry of these pallets.

47" x 31" EPAL HT Block Pallet


 EPAL block pallet is HT (heat treated) for international shipments. Great accessibility by both forklift and pallet jack from all four sides. Can be loaded three wide in a standard trailer for maximum trailer floor usage.  

42" x 42" 2-Way Pallet


  This pallet allows 2-way entry and is also legal for export. However,  if it is converted into a Tight Gap pallet will be great for shipping or storing small items.  It is also good for storing or shipping tote bags.

48" x 48" 3-Stringers Pallet


Great for moving 45-gallon barrels four at a time, very strong pallet. It's another pallet jack friendly pallet.

44" x 44" 4-Way Pallets


  This pallet is the same as the 42x42" pallet just slightly larger.  Included in the mix is approx. 10% 2-way pallets.

Plastic Pallets


  Durable, Plastic pallets are ideal for long-term use and have many advantages in terms of reliability and profitability. They are rugged and particularly suitable for storage and transport of heavy goods.

Hygienic and easy to clean, plastic pallets are perfect for food or pharmaceutical industry.